fbpx About UKEAA | University of Kentucky College of Engineering


The University of Kentucky Engineering Alumni Association (UKEAA) Board is designed to:

  • Guide the College of Engineering 
  • Increase alumni involvement
  • Leverage alumni talents and resources to benefit the UKEAA and the College of Engineering 

As a board member, you have the opportunity to:

  • Serve as an ambassador for the College of Engineering through interactions with students, faculty, administrators and external parties 
  • Offer professional expertise and individual talents to expand and promote the UKEAA
  • Plan, support and attend UKEAA events 
  • Participate in committee endeavors.

For more information on how you can #ENGage with the UKEAA Board, please contact the Office of Alumni & Philanthropy.

UKEAA Committees

The Finance Committee manages the finances and develops the annual budget; identifies, explores and develops viable alternatives for income and determines prospective UKEAA expense opportunities. Contact Craig Barnett (BSCE 2004) to #ENGage today.

The Outreach Committee will work towards providing regular opportunities for current students, faculty, staff, alumni and family and friends of the College of Engineering to participate in activities that will improve and #ENGage the community. Contact Brianna Smith (BSCHE 2014) to #ENGage today.

The Retention, Recruitment and Diversity (RRD) Committee is committed to effectively improving retention, recruitment and diversity within the College of Engineering through many activities such as: the Living Learning Program, alumni-prospective activities, career services, the Alumni Mentor Program (AMP), student organization meetings and assistance, prospective student correspondence, school speakers and active recruitment. Contact Rob Cook (BSEE 1974 to #ENGage today.

The Scholarship and Award Committee is charged with evaluating applications and awarding two annual scholarships, presenting the Senior Leadership Award to an outstanding senior and annually reviewing the current identification and selection system. Contact Robyn Williams (BSCE 1996) to #ENGage today.

The Vision, Mission and Goals (VMG) Committee is tasked with annually evaluating the mission, vision and goals of the UKEAA, evaluating the positions of the Executive Committee and developing member position and role responsibility descriptions. Contact VMG Chair Leeann Moore (BSCE 2014) to #ENGage today.