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Grehan Hall Modernization to Support Engineering Growth Goals

At the University of Kentucky College of Engineering, we are setting our sights on unprecedented growth.

We’re committed to expanding our 3,900-student enrollment to 6,000 by 2025. And expansion is already underway. Grehan Hall is undergoing a complete modernization. Once completed, it will add 45,000 square feet of space to the college’s current total of 275,000.

“As a land-grant institution, we are responsible to bring our comprehensive research mission to communities across the state. It’s our obligation to make sure our expertise and facilities are put to good use for the people of the Commonwealth,” said Dean Rudy Buchheit. “The modernized Grehan Hall paves the way for us to better achieve our mission.”

The basement floor plan allocates 3,200 square feet of space for senior design projects, the first time the college will provide designated space for such projects. The first floor will offer ample computational lab space, as well as a designated area for graduate students.

Students will enjoy three new classrooms totaling over 4,600 square feet on the second floor, and an additional classroom is earmarked for the basement. Administrative and faculty offices will be available on the first and second floors.

A connector joining Grehan Hall to McVey Hall will allow students, faculty and staff to access six engineering buildings without leaving the complex.