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Description of BME

Biomedical Engineering (BME) is a field in which engineers apply traditional engineering techniques to solve medical and health-related problems.

At the University of Kentucky, we practice BME by having engineers work with clinicians side-by-side to advance health care treatment in a holistic way guided by scientific principles, design thinking, and engineering development. We challenge BME students to engineer integrative approaches and technologies to understand and interface with living systems. Through these activities, we equip BME students with cognitive skills and technical abilities to realize the exciting promises of engineering-based health care (EnHealth) and make a difference in patients’ lives. In comparison with many matured engineering fields, Biomedical Engineering is still a maturing field with about 50 years of history. According to a recent survey by the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES), almost half of BME students after graduation find employment in industry, with the rest pursuing graduate degrees (e.g., MS and PhD) or professional degrees in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, law, etc. Since Biomedical Engineering seeks integrative ways to innovate, students from any engineering background have the potential to flourish as a biomedical engineer.