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Assistant Professor Food Process Engineering

Extension Associate Professor

Fellow and Presidential Member, ASHRAE, Professor, and Director of Graduate Studies for Biosystems Engineering

Professor, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Lewis Honors College

Assistant Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies


Assistant Professor

Assistant Extension Professor

Assistant Extension Professor

Associate Extension Professor

Lecturer, Student Services Coordinator

Professor and Department Chair



Extension Professor Emeritus

Director of Equine Programs

Extension Professor

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Extension Professor

Extension Professor

Associate Dean for Administration for the College of Agriculture, Food, Environment


Engineer Aide Senior

Programmer/Systems Analyst

Senior Engineer Technician

Adjunct Instructor / Agriculture Research Specialist Controlled Environment Systems Engineering

Senior Meterologist

STEM Outreach Education Coordinator & Principal Extension Specialist



Electronic Technician III

Research Facility Manager

Director of Environmental Compliance, Assistant Adjunct Professor

Senior Engineering Technician

Administrative Support Associate I

Agriculture Extension Associate

Senior Extension Associate for Distance Learning

Adjunct Instructor / Extension Meteorology Specialist

Senior Machinist

Engineer Associate

Engineer Associate Food and Bioprocess Engineering

Research Facility Manager

Engineer Associate Senior/Research

Engineer Associate

Administrative Staff Officer II

IS Technical Support Specialist Agricultural Weather Center

Staff Support Associate II