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Wildcat Cage Competition

Student organization leaders present their initiatives to industry leaders, company representatives and individuals who invest in one or many organizations and completely control how their funds are allocated. All funds are considered charitable contributions and are tax-deductible.

How does it work?

  1. Pitch: Engineering & Computer Science Student Organizations record and upload their 5-minute pitch and provide a one-page supplemental document. This will include initiatives they have planned for the year which need funded, so to clarify, these are not inventions or product idea pitches.
  2. Review: Register below to access the pitches. Participating "Wildcat" funders review videos at their leisure. Companies can designate one representative or have an entire team review the pitches! You may review all pitches or just those from the organizations with members that match your key interests, such as specific engineering majors or diversity groups.
  3. Decide: Submit your funding decisions to Kim Sayre at kim.sayre@uky.edu.

Why participate

  • Build relationships with student organizations with the targeted students you seek.
  • Invest in important student organization initiatives, including hands-on competitions, outreach events, professional development and more to help drive the talent pipeline.
  • Increase brand awareness for your company
  • Learn from others about why they choose to participate

How to register

Click the registration button below or notify Kim Sayre, Director of Industry Engagement, via email at kim.sayre@uky.edu.

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