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Parent Testimonials

The UK College of Engineering firmly believes there are numerous stakeholders in student success and retention. There may be no stakeholder with a desire to see students succeed than our parents of enrolled UK students.

It is vital that parents and guardians assist the UK College of Engineering in guiding, encouraging and motivating our students to pursue excellence in their academic journey. These attributes are critical in a student’s first year of college learning. We look forward to keeping our first-year parents informed of events and activities that occur in the ELLP and hope you will use our programming to further encourage your student's involvement and pathway to success.

The ELLP has been a great experience for our son in two ways: He is constantly motivated by being surrounded by students who have a common goal, and because of the amazing building/classrooms in the residence hall and its top-notch amenities!

The ELLP is an innovative way to educate. It places like-minded students working together for the common goal. Housing is top notch, making it a very comfortable transition from being at home; therefore less homesickness. The program director always keeps parents in the loop and is very responsive to any concerns/questions. Very happy with our decision to choose the ELLP for our son.

The ELLP is a must! The benefits of being immersed with students experiencing the same classes, tests and stress has been immeasurable for my son. The resources are great and the constant motivation is wonderful. The Facebook page for the first-year parents has been incredibly valuable as well. I give the ELLP and Facebook page a definite A+!