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Event Calendar & Registration

Toyota Experience Matters!

This calendar represents ONLY our UK Lexington on-campus sessions (offered virtually during Covid), and not our client onsite and virtual dedicated sessions and coaching.

We accommodate all international timezones for dedicated sessions (15 minimum participants).

To schedule your onsite dedicated sessions, contact Sandra Dunn.


Online Sessions:

Program Dates Fee

True Lean Certification
2021 Series 1


Week 1 Virtual: Jan. 25-29

Week 2 Virtual: Feb. 15-19

Week 3 Virtual: March 8-12

$7,500 per  participant

True Lean Certification
2021 Series 2


Week 1 Virtual: April 12-16

Week 2 Virtual: May 10-14

Week 3 Virtual: June 7-11

$7,500 per  participant

Discuss the Possibilities! Schedule an Executive Consultation:

Sandra “Sandy” Dunn
Client Relations & Development
University of Kentucky True Lean
143 Graham Avenue
Lexington, KY 40506-0108

Office: 859.257.4886
Cell: 859.797.6146
Email: Sandra.Dunn@uky.edu
Website: www.lean.uky.edu