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Agioutantis Receives New Alpha Foundation Grant

The $223,000 award will support Agioutantis’ investigation into pillar design and stability with integrated pillar load and opening convergence in mines.

Graduate Students Ray and Yonts Receive ISEE Scholarships

Mining engineering graduate students Ravi Ray (Ph.D.) and Brooklynn Yonts (MS) were recently awarded $1,500 scholarships for the Fall 2018 semester.

Department Spotlights

Johnathan Oldham

Born and raised in White Plains, Kentucky, Johnathan Oldham is a first-generation college student. He knew he wanted to attend UK for its mining engineering program, but he had no idea how he was going to pay for it. Fortunately, scholarship money turned all of that around.

Mining Engineering


Jack Groppo

It is sometimes said that “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Jack Groppo, professor of mining engineering, heartily agrees, and he has three decades of “going through the trash,” so to speak, to prove it.

Mining Engineering


Sarah Fay

Sarah Fay, a junior mining engineering student from Collierville, Tennessee, is determined to have it all. Although thoroughly committed to excelling academically, Sarah possesses a vision for her college experience that expands well beyond the classroom. As a result, Sarah’s life is characterized by involvement in what she enjoys.

Mining Engineering