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This is an exciting time for our college. We are in the midst of an ambitious strategic plan to advance the college in size, quality and impact. Through our missions of education, research and service, we are striving to advance the commonwealth, the nation and the world.

Our college has experienced significant growth in recent years, doubling our enrollments in the last decade. For the Fall semester of 2017, we expect approximately 3600 undergraduate students in the college. While we have grown, our quality has actually increased in both undergraduate ACT scores and incoming high school GPAs. The University of Kentucky College of Engineering is becoming recognized by more students as their choice for an excellent education. Almost all of our classes are taught by faculty members, not assistants. Our programs include lab training, industrial experiences and international education opportunities, in order that students may develop a broad set of knowledge, skills and perspectives to help them succeed as future engineers. Also, we provide great opportunities for students to work together in student clubs and teams. These include robot competitions, solar car racing, tractor design and many others.

Starting in Fall 2016, all College of Engineering freshmen and transfers began participating in our First Year Engineering Program. This brand new initiative will expose these students to different engineering disciplines, expose them to engineering classes from day one and enable them to make a more informed decision when they choose their engineering major later in the year.

We have outstanding and dedicated faculty in the college.  Not only have our faculty members received university and national honors for teaching, but they also have been recognized with competitive grants and professional recognitions.  For example, five junior faculty members received NSF CAREER awards in the last three years. Many of our professors have been elected presidents and fellows of major national and international societies.

In our research laboratories, our faculty and graduate students address the world’s most pressing problems in the areas of energy, sustainability, healthcare, infrastructure, security, aerospace and others.  As one of only a small number of universities with a full spectrum of colleges and a major medical center on a single campus, collaboration is an important component of our research activities. These interdisciplinary projects enable students to broaden their skillsets and gain new perspectives.

I am proud to be a part of this exciting time for our college, and I invite you as a prospective student (undergraduate or graduate) to come and be a part of it, too.


Larry Holloway, Interim Dean