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Undergraduate Research

You don’t need to wait for graduate school to participate in cutting-edge biomedical engineering research.

Undergraduate students have the opportunity to work side-by-side with biomedical engineering faculty and graduate students on innovative, pioneering research projects. These opportunities allow undergraduates in traditional engineering departments, or in relevant life and physical sciences programs, to apply their classroom education to real-world biomedical engineering problems. Depending on previous experience and level of commitment, students can simply volunteer their time to gain research exposure, earn academic credit for their efforts or even earn an hourly wage or summer stipend. Whereas some projects last a semester, others span two or three years. Such time-intensive projects allow the undergraduate researcher to make a meaningful contribution, sometimes reflected in the presentation of abstracts at regional and national meetings and submission of manuscripts for publication. These experiences prepare undergraduates for future graduate studies, whether at UK or elsewhere.

For more information about undergraduate research opportunities, visit the UK Office of Undergraduate Research.