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Chemical engineering is constantly engaged in a wide variety of groundbreaking research across a diverse spectrum of interests in several facilities.

Undergraduate and graduate students have ample opportunities to perform hands-on research projects under the tutelage of highly qualified faculty who are readily accessible both inside and outside the classroom. By working in the hands-on environment of chemical engineering research, students have an opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge by solving real-world problems and often present the results of their research at regional and national conferences. The department has a long tradition of student recognition and awards for outstanding research projects.

Undergraduate research provides an excellent foundation for future graduate work. Every year some of the top graduates go on to pursue masters or Ph.D. degrees at UK or other outstanding universities throughout the country.

Graduate students pursue research projects that encompass a broad range of chemical and materials engineering endeavors, including advanced materials and nanotechnology, bioengineering, energy and environmental engineering. Many of these projects are multidisciplinary in character and involve interactions with researchers in agriculture, chemistry, physics, medicine and pharmacy.