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CERCLA Air Emissions Reporting for Livestock Poultry Farms

Update: 5/7/2018

EPA updated their website on April 30th to state that air emissions from animal waste are not required under CERCLA or EPCRA due to legislation that was passed in March.  Here is a portion of their statement:
  “. . . due to legislative changes in the ‘Fair Agricultural Reporting Method Act’ or ‘FARM Act’ in March 2018, ‘air emissions from animal waste at a farm’ are exempt from reporting under CERCLA. These types of releases also do not need to be reported under EPCRA. For more information, please see: FARM Act Q&A.”
This legislation relieves livestock and poultry producers from both CERCLA and EPCRA air emissions reporting requirements related to animal waste.  However, it is not a blanket exemption for all air emissions (an anhydrous ammonia tank, for example) that might occur on a farm.

Procedure for Reporting - From EPA website 12/8/2017

  1. Notify the NRC. This may be done by email (farms@uscg.mil). Please identify your reportable release as an “initial continuous release notification.” 
  2. Submit an initial written notification to the EPA Region 4 office; and
  3. One year later submit an additional follow-up written notification to the EPA Region 4 office.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 4 
Atlanta Federal Center 
61 Forsyth Street 
Atlanta, GA 30303-3104

Threshold animal numbers (pdf) is an estimated number of animals that may generate ammonia emissions of more than 100 lb/day.

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