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All students are welcome and encouraged to meet with their advisor and faculty members in the department with any questions/concerns regarding the program, program requirements, opportunities for scholarships, undergraduate research, and future employment.

First-year students are advised by College of Engineering advisors, but after declaring a major, all civil engineering students are advised by civil engineering advisors. A Civil Engineering freshman should contact their College of Engineering Freshman Academic Advisor for priority registration advising instructions.

Civil Engineering sophomores, juniors, seniors and transfer students are required to meet with their assigned advisor at least once during each priority registration advising season. During this appointment they will discuss progress in the Civil Engineering program, review a course plan for next semester, ensure the student is on track to graduate and lastly, lift the academic advising hold.

We ask that you keep your appointments. Please be courteous of everyone’s time – the myUK appointment scheduling system allows for cancellations in advance and/or email the advisor of your circumstances for last-minute cancellations. If you are late for your appointment, please understand you may need to reschedule.

You will also be assigned a CE Faculty Advisor. Watch your UK email for more information about this.

For a better understanding of the pre-requisites and co-requisites for your CE courses review the Curriculum Flow Chart and plan ahead using myUK GPS. This provides the course catalog, degree audit and planning courses from the Major Map. These are all very important tools that students should be using.

Degrees are awarded three times a year – August, December, and May. Each student must file an application for a degree with the dean of the College of Engineering. A degree application must be submitted within 30 days after the beginning of the semester (or 15 days in the 8-week summer term) in which completion of degree work is anticipated. Specific deadline dates are published in the “Schedule of Classes” (see Information Sources). Students who apply late, or who fail to apply at all, will not graduate at the expected time.

Academic Advisors

Mr. Dale Davis, academic advisor for second, third and fourth-year Civil Engineering students.

Mrs. Billie J. Sirn, academic advisor for Civil Engineering transfer students and assists graduate students in Civil Engineering in coordination with the Director of Graduates Studies.

All students are welcome to consult the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) about questions regarding any issue, especially issues that are not specialty specific.

Picking an Area of Study

Some students arrive on campus 100% sure of what area in Civil Engineering they want to specialize in. Most students decide by the end of their sophomore year. If you’re still trying to decide which area is best for you, here are helpful links:

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