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UK Mining Engineering Foundation

Fall Meeting

Friday, November 10, 2023, from 10AM-12PM


A partnership between the Department and the mining industry has been formed through the University of Kentucky Mining Engineering Foundation. Membership is held by various industries with the purpose to advise and consult with the administration of the College and the department on appropriate projects and programs, to solicit and receive gifts, bequests and devises, and to maintain an endowment to provide financial assistance to students, and to make the Department of Mining Engineering one of the finest in the nation.


The Mining Engineering Foundation was established to enhance the mining engineering department. The mining industry made a pledge and contributed money to this endowment. Mr. Catesby Clay, President of Kentucky River Coal, matched the funds up to $500,000 to set up a million-dollar foundation.

The interest from this account is used by the department for enhancement. An estimate of the income is given to the department each year from the University of Kentucky Controllers Office, and this figure is used as the basis for the department’s enhancement budget. This budget, which is submitted and approved by the Board of Directors, allows assistance in the area of travel, salaries for graduate students when grants are not available, summer startup money for new faculty, meals for guests of the department, student scholarships, communication with the mining community through mailings and presentations (Distinguished Lecture Series, Professional Development Workshops.)

There is an annual membership drive in the fall. Letters are sent in November to members, potential members and alumni. Board meetings are held in the fall and in the spring.

The Distinguished Lecture series is held in conjunction with the spring board meeting. Following the lecture, there is a reception for all attendees. If you would like to become a member, or renew your membership, please contact Dr. Zach Agioutantis at 859-257-8026. We look forward to your participation in the Mining Engineering Foundation!

Student Scholarships from the Foundation Budget

AIME/SME-CAS provided funds to the Department of Mining Engineering for scholarships. The Foundation board chose to deposit these funds into the Endowment fund and make annual scholarship awards a permanent part of the Foundation Budget.

The Catesby Clay Leadership Award

This is considered a scholarship award but is separate from the above. This award is presented at the Mining Engineering Awards Dinner/Luncheon held in April. The recipient is the outcoming president of the student chapter of SME (Norwood Chapter) and will have received the scholarship award during the academic year and will receive a plaque at the awards function. The president of the student chapter is selected by vote by the student members of the Norwood Chapter.

Supporting the Mining Engineering Foundation

Support the work of the Department of Mining Engineering at UK and the Mining Engineering Foundation by tax-exempt donations.