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Advanced Manufacturing and Surface Engineering Laboratory


The Advanced Manufacturing and Surface Engineering research program (AMSE) at the University of Kentucky is primarily concerned with the development and modeling of advanced manufacturing processes, particularly machining and finishing operations. The overarching goal of the AMSE Lab is the development of industrially-viable, real-time processes models and tools that will enable the sustainable development of new products and improve US manufacturing competitiveness, as well as national security.

Through in-situ experimental observation using digital image correlation in ultra-high speed (~1 million frames/second) microscopy, the AMSE Lab is building computationally-efficient predictive, physics-based/machine-learning hybrid models. Such models can accurately capture the complex behaviors that characterize finishing operations, while enabling real-time industrial deployment. It is envisioned that through faster and more predictive process modeling, highly scalable manufacturing processes such as machining, polishing and grinding can be used to induce engineered surface and sub-surface properties, such as compressive residual stress profiles and micro/nano-textured surfaces.

Current research thrust of the AMSE Lab include:

  • In-situ characterization of machining and finishing processes
  • Computationally-efficient modeling of advanced manufacturing processes
  • Physics-based/Machine-learning hybrid modeling
  • Real-time quality (surface integrity) monitoring and control for machining and finishing
  • Development of advanced cutting edge microgeometries
  • Development of sustainable cooling/lubricating strategies
  • Development of novel machining strategies

For more information on AMSE research, please contact Julius Schoop.

Julius Schoop
Principal Investigator

Selected federally-funded projects

Project Title: Surface Integrity Characterization of Machined AF9628 Samples
Sponsoring Agency: Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) ManTech Program, RXMS
Prime Contractor: UTC (Universal Technology Company)
Project Duration: 5/2019-11/2019

Project Title: Inconel 718 SLAM Sample Characterization
Sponsoring Agency: Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) ManTech Program, RXMS
Prime Contractor: UTC (Universal Technology Company)
Project Duration: 2/2020-10/2020

Project Title: AI-Enabled Discovery and Physics-Based Optimization of Energy-Efficient Processing Strategies for Advanced Turbine Alloys
Sponsoring Agency: Department of Energy (DoE), Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO)
Sub-awardee: GE Research
Project Duration: 5/2020-5/2022

Project Title: Robust Aerosol Additive Manufacturing for Advanced Next Generation Electronics
Sponsoring Agency: Army Research Laboratory (ARL)
Project Duration: 5/2021-5/2026

Project Title: STTR AF21A-TCS02 Phase I Sub-award 
Sponsoring Agency: Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)
Prime Recipient: Hill Engineering LLC 
Project Duration: 8/2021-6/2022

Project Title: CAREER: Thermomechanical Response and Fatigue Performance of Surface Layers Engineered by Finish Machining: In-situ Characterization and Digital Process Twin
Sponsoring Agency: National Science Foundation (NSF)
Project Duration: 5/2022-5/2027

Project Title: STTR AF21A-TCS02 Phase II Sub-award 
Sponsoring Agency: Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)
Prime Recipient: Hill Engineering LLC 
Project Duration: 6/2023-6/2025


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