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Our engineering students are very competitive for UK Academic Scholarships.  70% of students admitted to Engineering receive some type of scholarship and of those awarded, 50% are $10,000 or more with 91% receiving $5000 or more. We also provide academic scholarships in Engineering that can be stacked on top of most of these University scholarships. The University also provides support for students with financial need.   If you consider all sources, about 97% of our Engineering students come in with some type of financial support (federal, state, private) excluding loans.

Thomas Lester Scholars Program

Automatically awarded to those who qualify!

The Thomas Lester Scholars Program awards a renewable scholarship totaling $12,000 over four years. Students receive $1,500 their Freshman year and the amount increases by $1,000 each consecutive year as long as the student maintains the proper conditions for the award. There is no application for the Lester scholarship. Incoming freshman are automatically offered the scholarship (pending funds availability) if the following requirements are met:

  • Student must apply to UK and list a College of Engineering major by December 1. All test scores and transcripts must be in by that date, as well. Notification letters will be sent out in early January
  • Student must have a composite score of 30 on the ACT or 1340 on the Old SAT (prior to March 2016) or 1360 on the New SAT (after March 2016)
  • Student must have a math score of 33 on the ACT or 760 on the Old SAT (prior to March 2016) or 740 on the New SAT (after March 2016)
  • Student must have a 3.50 unweighted high school GPA

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