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Michael Mabe, BFA

  • Kentucky Transportation Center

Graphic Designer




Michael Mabe brings over 24 years of experience in advertising, graphic design, Marketing and print production to KTC. He started his career working in two well regarded advertising agencies working on several high profile campaigns such as Capital One and The Bahamas Tourism Authority. Since coming to KTC, he oversaw an ambitious rebranding effort, which began with development of new logo designs and promotional materials. Mr. Mabe is a skilled illustrator with expertise in design software such as Adobe Creative Suite. He led the design effort on several KTC projects: the Inland Waterway Research Initiative brochure and CIWIEE proposal summary, the Project Management Bootcamp promotional brochure, the Louisville Smart Cities Proposal, the Jurisdictional Roadside ditches brochure, the Kentucky Strategic Highway Safety Plan, and the Transportation and Livability for all Kentucky Communities Report. Mr. Mabe creates innovative, enlivened designs that advertise KTC’s research capabilities to public and private stakeholders. His posters describing the Center’s High Value Research are displayed in KTC offices. Mr. Mabe holds  a B.F.A. from The University of Tennessee and an A.A. in Graphic Design/Visual Communication from The Art Institute of Atlanta.