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Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates

The REU program at the University of Kentucky provides a 10-week multidisciplinary summer research and education experience for rising junior and senior undergraduates in the area of Engineered Bioactive Interfaces and Devices.

Engineered Bioactive Interfaces and Devices focuses on the novel design of architectures that interact with biological systems and promote the desired response. These advanced architectures have numerous applications ranging from tissue engineering, to sensing systems, to drug delivery. REU students will have the opportunity to learn about three cross-disciplinary research themes that form the foundation of the research in this area. They include 1) “Novel Bioactive Architectures”, 2) “Cell/Protein Interactions at Interfaces”, and 3) “Integration into Devices”.

The program involves faculty and graduate student mentors from various academic programs including Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Anatomy & Neurobiology, Chemistry, and Pharmaceutical Sciences. View REU Schedule 2019.

Program Dates: Monday May 23 – Friday July 29, 2022

Application Deadline: TBA (waiting on funding confirmation)

Notification: TBA (waiting on funding confirmation)

Stipend: $6,000, housing on campus, & up to $300 in relocation expenses

Applications are now available here.

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