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John Raymer


John Raymer began his 28-year Toyota career on-line in skilled trades at TMMK in Georgetown, Ky. He advanced into managerial and executive roles in Engineering/Skilled Trades/Tool & Die, Manufacturing Production, New Model/Plant Introduction and Environmental. John also played key new project roles in both Toyota’s joint venture with Subaru at SIA and in serving as an original start up Manufacturing Department Head at Toyota’s greenfield assembly plant TMMMS in Mississippi.

After Toyota, John served as Plant Manager of a large unionized Tier One Automotive supplier. He joined True Lean™ in 2020.

John’s career has been intensely focused on the Toyota Way and TPS development with personal attention to their applications in both the manufacturing processes and maintenance/engineering areas. He is passionate about transferring his knowledge and experience to develop others, to help grow the careers of manufacturing professionals, and to strengthen manufacturing in the US and abroad.

During his automotive career John played a part in millions of automobiles, many new model introductions, and countless automotive parts. His special interests lie in diversity, professional coaching, team building, and community boards service.

Well-traveled, John holds a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management and has studied Electrical Engineering. A US Navy veteran he held numerous technical certifications including expertise in Electronics, Hydraulics/Pneumatics and Welding.