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Doctoral Course Requirements

1. Program Plan

To be of value, the Ph.D. coursework should complement the intended area of expertise to be developed. The candidate and the advisor should develop a coherent set of courses, the attainment of which would signal readiness for the Qualifying Examination, for review and approval by the advisory committee. The residency requirements represent a bare minimum of credits; ordinarily, the student will take more than 18 credits of coursework beyond the master’s degree. Remedial coursework assigned to make up deficiencies may not count toward residency.

2. Coursework

At least one-half of the coursework presented for the Ph.D. degree shall be at the 600- and 700-level. Non-organized coursework (780 or 790) and coursework at the 400-level (4xx-G) may not be used to satisfy the minimum residency requirements.

Since the Ph.D. subsumes a master’s degree, the list of courses for which a student is held responsible for the master’s degree also pertains to Ph.D. coursework. The student need not repeat these courses if they or their equivalent have been taken with earlier studies. The student will be accountable for this material on the Qualifying Examination.

3. Language Requirement

There is no language requirement for Ph.D. candidates.

4. Grades

The minimum grade point average for graduation with a Ph.D. is 3.0.