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Each doctoral candidate must present a dissertation that represents the culmination of a major research project.

The dissertation must be a well-reasoned, original contribution to knowledge in the field of study and should provide evidence of high scholarly achievement. The major professor is the primary source of guidance in the planning and preparation of the dissertation. However, other members of the advisory committee may be involved in the process as well. All core members of the advisory committee must read the dissertation prior to signing the approval form. It is the responsibility of the advisory committee to make suggestions for revisions before the final examination. A majority of the advisory committee core members must indicate that the form and substance of the dissertation are adequate to justify the scheduling of the final examination. The final examination for the dissertation may not be scheduled without the signatures of a majority of the advisory committee members on the approval form. The form of the dissertation must be in conformity with the instructions prepared by The Graduate School. For specific instructions regarding the format of the dissertation, the student should obtain a copy of "Instructions for the Preparation of Theses and Dissertation" from The Graduate School. Each graduating doctoral student will pay dissertation fees. Payment will be made at the University Billings and Collections Office. Authorization forms to pay dissertation fees are issued in Room 331, Patterson Office Tower.