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Graduate Programs

Master's Programs

Two Master’s degrees are available from the Department of Mining Engineering. The M.S. in Mining Engineering (M.S.Min.E.) degrees are most useful to students who plan a career in research, problem-solving or teaching. Both degrees are considered a prelude to the doctorate.

Doctoral Progam

The Doctor of Philosophy in Mining Engineering consists of a period of residency, coursework and original research that contributes to the body of knowledge in the field. The Ph.D. is primarily for students interested in research and university teaching.

Online Graduate Certificate in Explosives and Blasting

Discover more and gain the advantage in the world of mining and civil engineering. Learn about the most advanced tools and analysis techniques for design and control of bench blasting, cast blasting, and underground blasting, along with the monitoring, prevention, and assessment of the secondary effects of blasting. Learn more about the online Online Graduate Certificate in Explosives and Blasting here.