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Grader School

Racecourse Managers Certificate Program: "Grader School"

Grader School is the second continuing education course in the The Racecourse Managers Certificate Program (RMCP). Grader School is a limited-enrollment, competitive program that will launch for selected individuals in September 2021. It is designed for entry and mid-level track surface employees,  and will provide additional skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience to help them advance in their careers. Grader School is committed to educating the next generation of racetrack superintendents so they have deeper knowledge and skills to necessary to maintain and improve safety. 


Students in Grader School participated in-person and hands-on learning. Watch the safety and sponsorship playlist here.

Watch individual videos here  
John Deere Machine Safety for Racetrack Grading Equipment Video
John Deere Safety--The Grader Cab Video
Using Safety Equipment on a John Deere Grader Video
John Deere Grader Engine Emissions and other Specifications Video
Equinox Racing Video



The Racecourse Managers Certificate Program: Grader School has been generously supported by John Deere. Other sponsors include Duralock, Horsemen’s Track and Equipment, Inc., and Equinox Racing.


Two scholarships for 2021's inaugural class were provided by Equinox Racing and Horsemen's Track and Equipment. Award recipients were chosen based on their potential for future leadership in racetrack maintenance. Learn more about Equinox Racing. Learn more about Horsemen's Track and Equipment.