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The extension efforts of the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering are an important component of Kentucky Cooperative Extension, linking our programs to the people of Kentucky and beyond. BAE's extension programs are designed to support the educational needs of Kentucky's farm and home community by supplying the results of past and present research, extension information, and online educational programs presented in a variety of multimedia formats.

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Active program areas include:

AG Weather Center
Meteorologist Matt Dixon  

Energy Audit Program

Equine: Indoor Arena Survey Results (Infographic)
Assistant Extension Professor Morgan Hayes, Ph.D., PE

Stored Grain Inventory
Professor Michael Montross, Ph.D., PE

Grain storage systems
Extension Professor Sam McNeill, Ph.D., PE

  • Grain and Energy Calculators
  • Grain Inventory
  • Grain Packing Inventory Instructions
  • Grain Packing Inventory Excel Template
  • Grain Safety Links

Livestock Systems
Assistant Extension Professor Morgan Hayes, Ph.D., PE

Livestock Systems
Assistant Extension Professor Josh Jackson, Ph.D., PE

Machine Systems and Machinery
Extension Professor Timothy Stombaugh, Ph.D., PE

Soil and Water
Extension Professor, Associate Dean for Instruction in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment Carmen Agouridis, Ph.D., P.E., M.P.P.
Director of Environmental Compliance, Assistant Adjunct Professor Steve Higgins, Ph.D.
Extension Water Quality Specialist Amanda Gumbert, Ph.D

Coverage Calculator