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Tom Hedman

Biomedical Engineering - Faculty

Millions of Americans suffering from low back pain could soon have a quick, cost-effective and permanent solution for the debilitating ailment. The solution, an injectable liquid called Réjuve, is the creation of UK researcher and Intralink-Spine chief scientific officer Tom Hedman, and it has received promising early results from a recent clinical study. Réjuve is an injectable orthopaedic device that mechanically strengthens the spinal disc and stabilizes the spinal joint. According to an Intralink-Spine news release, one patient reported that he played 18 holes of golf three days after the Réjuve procedure, which takes 15-20 minutes to administer and costs considerably less than current and emerging treatments. Hedman joined the UK faculty in 2010 and brought Intralink-Spine to UK’s Coldstream Research Campus. He credits biomedical engineering faculty for providing collegial support and advice as Intralink-Spine has translated technology from the lab to the clinic.