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Graduate Degree Programs and Certificates

Graduate Programs

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Biosystems Engineering*
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Electrical & Computer Engineering*
Manufacturing Systems
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Degrees with an asterik (*) beside them have department specific requirements. Click on the degree option (MS, PhD) to see those requirements.

Online Programs

Master's Degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering 

The master’s program is multi-disciplinary, involving faculty from the Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Chemical and Materials, as well as the College of Business and Economics. Students are introduced to a broad spectrum of topics – concepts from engineering to relevant business processes in manufacturing. 

Graduate Certificate in Manufacturing Systems

This online graduate certificate is ideal for engineers and professionals in manufacturing and operations interested in continuing education to advance technical knowledge and capabilities without committing to a master’s degree.

Graduate Certificate in Power Systems

The online Graduate Certificate in Power Systems is designed to provide students with the core knowledge and latest advancements in power systems analysis, modeling, operation, control, optimization and integration of renewable energies, as well as produce well-trained graduates in this specialty. Students will learn the theory in various aspects of power systems and master the tools and techniques for planning and operating power systems and solving real-world problems.

Graduate Certificate in Structural Engineering

The online Graduate Certificate in Structural Engineering is designed to provide students with core knowledge in prestressed concrete, steel structures and matrix structural analysis. The courses will be beneficial to civil engineering students and practicing structural engineers. 

Graduate Certificate in Explosives & Blasting

Discover more and gain the advantage in the world of mining and civil engineering. Learn about the most advanced tools and analysis techniques for design and control of bench blasting, cast blasting, and underground blasting, along with the monitoring, prevention, and assessment of the secondary effects of blasting.

Graduate Certificates