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Tony Chamblin





Tony Chamblin retired from Toyota after a 20-year career, serving in multiple roles in the Paint department.  During his time with Toyota, Tony gained deep TPS and Toyota Way knowledge and experience, developing standardized work, setting up work stations, and applying practical problem solving.  He also coached Quality Circles, Jidoka, andon and applied Kaizen.

During five of those years with Toyota, Tony led the Production Improvement Team, where he organized and led internal Kaizen activities, organized and trained Team Members in fundamental skills, traveled to other Toyota plants applying Toyota Business Practices to ongoing problems, trained others in the Toyota Production System, and supervised special projects.

Tony is a Certified TPS trainer, Toyota Global Production Center Point trainer, and a Toyota Business Practices (8 Step Problem Solving) trainer.

Tony joined the True Lean program in 2009, as an Instructor and Coach, where he has worked with multiple global companies ranging from banking to aerospace.