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The Alumni Ambassador Program

The Alumni Ambassador program, a program developed by the University of Kentucky Engineering Alumni Association and the University of Kentucky (UK) College of Engineering provides UK College of Engineering alumni the opportunity to give back to their alma mater while adding a personal touch to the college admissions process for prospective engineering and computer science students.

An Alumni Ambassador works as an official representative of the UK College of Engineering. This program connects with alumni in communities across the country. Alumni Ambassadors serve as a UK College of Engineering contact for that geographic area. Alumni Ambassadors will assist the College of Engineering’s Recruitment Office with the recruitment of prospective engineering and computer science students from across the country.   

Alumni Ambassadors will receive training and tools necessary to perform their chosen task through online and in-person opportunities.  Activities carried out by Alumni Ambassadors include the following activities:

  1. College Fairs: Attending area college planning programs with a recruiter to represent the UK College of Engineering and develop prospects for the college.   
  2. Student Receptions/Events: Alumni volunteers (with college support) assist with events in various locations.  These programs can feature a university speaker/recruitment/alumni representative, current students, and a “pre-made” presentation (video, PPT presentation, etc.). 
  3. Personal Communication (e.g., Phone Calls, Emails, Handwritten Notes, Virtual Meeting): Alumni Ambassadors will be asked to call, email, or write highly qualified prospective students to encourage students to visit campus and/or apply to UK’s College of Engineering. In the spring, alumni phone calls, emails, and hand written notes to admitted students from their area is a great way to let the students know that someone from their hometown area supports them. This will also provide a wonderful opportunity to promote any admitted student events that may be happening at UK or in the area.

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