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Hall of Distinction Nomination

John Wesley Gunn, Class of 1890, earned the first engineering degree awarded by what eventually became the University of Kentucky. Since that modest beginning over 120 years ago, over 28,500 individuals have followed his example and received degrees in engineering and computer science. Through their extraordinary achievements, our alumni have established a lasting legacy of excellence. Initiated in 1992, the Hall of Distinction recognizes and honors those alumni who have demonstrated distinguished professional accomplishments, outstanding character and commitment to community service. This recognition serves to encourage exemplary achievements by current students and others. It is a symbol of the respect and admiration held by the University of Kentucky Stanley and Karen Pigman College of Engineering for these esteemed individuals.

The individual must be an engineering or computer science graduate, and must satisfy all the following  criteria: 

  1. Established an outstanding professional record; 
  2. Demonstrated distinguished service to his/her profession; 
  3. Established a personal reputation at either the local, state, national, or international level for  outstanding character and community service for a period of time sufficient in length to reflect  without reservation great credit and honor upon the University;  
  4. Be an outstanding role model for the current Pigman College of Engineering students; and (5) Not be a current University employee. 

Please submit the nomination, either self-nominated or by an individual, to the University of Kentucky  Pigman College of Engineering Alumni and Philanthropy office no later than October 13, 2024. Nominees will be contacted by December 15 if chosen.

Jonathan Furnish
University of Kentucky
Pigman College of Engineering
Office of Alumni and Philanthropy
257 Ralph G. Anderson Building
Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0503

Nominee Information
Supporting Documentation
Please attach the nominee’s curriculum vitae or resume. Additionally, we welcome letters of recommendations, magazine or newspaper clippings, and relevant articles.
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