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University Scholars Program

Get both a BS and MS degree in only five years!

The University Scholars program allows students to combine an undergraduate and graduate program together, counting up to 12 hours in their senior year towards an MS degree to be completed during the fifth year of study.

Available University Scholars Programs

Coming Soon 

  • BS Electrical Engineering → MS Computer Engineering 
  • BS Electrical Engineering → P.h.D. Computer Engineering 
  • BS Computer Engineering → MS Computer Engineering 
  • BS Computer Engineering → P.h.D. Computer Engineering 

Eligibility: Undergraduate Students who

  • Have completed at least 90 hours of course work
  • Have a GPA of at least 3.2 overall and 3.5 within major
  • Meet admission standards for the UK graduate school and ECE MSEE program

Program Summary:

  1. Apply and be Accepted
  2. Meet with Director of Graduate Studies, identify a faculty advisor, and prepare an MS plan of study
  3. Use up to 12 credit hours of undergraduate work towards MS program
    • Any 400-level courses (outside of EE/CPE/CS) that qualify as a technical elective
    • Any 500-level courses (including EE/CPE/CS) that would be either technical or CPE electives
  4. Complete Bachelor’s requirements and graduate with your class
  5. Complete remaining MS program, either Thesis or Non-Thesis Option


USP students may be considered for Teaching Assistantships in the ECE Department with a recommendation from their thesis advisor. No application is necessary for consideration.

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