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Power and Energy

ECE researchers work in a wide range of power and energy systems, ranging in scale from nanoscale electronics to autonomous vehicles to the power grids that span continents. Examples of specific research projects include developing techniques to allow the Navy to use energy more effectively on ships, better understanding the performance of the electric generators that power our cities and improving the ability of power distribution systems to connect renewable resources for a brighter future. Faculty are developing lightweight ultra-compact high-efficiency electric powertrains for vehicles, ships, and aircraft, designing power electronic converters for solar power and battery management systems, and building better integration systems for solar and wind turbine power generation, smart grids and buildings. 


DONALD G. COLLIVER, Ph.D., P.E., F-ASHRAE, PM-ASHRAE Professor Biosystems and Agricultural


Department Chair, TVA Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Lewis Honors Faculty

Associate Professor, Endowed L. Stanley Pigman Faculty Fellow

Kentucky Utilities Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor, L. Stanley Pigman Chair in Power; Director, Power and Energy Institute Kentucky, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Blazie Family Professor, Director of PEIK Graduate Certificate, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor, Joint Mining