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Research with professionals

If you want to work with renowned faculty, immerse yourself in an active research lab, present at conferences and publish scientific papers in respected journals, consider a graduate degree program at the University of Kentucky. Twenty-four of our faculty members have received CAREER Awards from the National Science Foundation and the college annually receives between $30-40 million in grant awards. In addition, because UK houses the Colleges of Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Agriculture, Food and Environment on the same campus, opportunities for collaboration abound.

Student life

Located in the heart of Lexington, UK’s beautiful campus balances approximately six million square feet in new construction with ornate, historic buildings and plenty of green space. It is crowned by the stunning $175 million Student Center that is slated to open in 2018. When you’re not in class or in the lab, Lexington features an lively downtown, Keeneland Race Track and state parks within a short driving distance.

A commitment to safety & ethics

Academic research is a competitive environment; however, cutting corners in the lab or in research is and is dangerous, unethical and detrimental to good science. At UK, we adhere to a strict policy of academic integrity and safety compliance. We will ensure you receive detailed training in our safety and ethics standards.