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Engineering Computing Services


Welcome to the Engineering Launchpad, a starting point for College of Engineering students, staff, and faculty exploring the College’s computer systems. This page will include useful information about the College’s computing resources, how you can access them, and what they can do for you.

ECS Help Request Form

ECS has a Help Request Form if you need to request support from Engineering Computing Services (ECS).

Engineering Student Mailing Lists

We maintain several mailing lists for distributing information to all students in the College of Engineering. There are two basic types of these lists: lists for general information from the College administration, and lists for information related to engineering job opportunities.

These are post-only lists, not intended for discussion. If you have questions or concerns about something that gets posted to any of these lists, please make sure your e-mail gets addressed to the person who sent the message, not to the list.

The general-information lists tend to have the suffix “-students”, “-grads”, or “-undergrads”. These lists are hosted on the University’s list server, lsv.uky.edu, and are generated each weeknight from data in the Campus directory. Because the information that gets posted to these lists pertains to the functions or activities of the College or your department, you should not unsubscribe from these lists while you are an Engineering student. (If you do unsubscribe, and the Campus directory still has you listed as an Engineering student, you will be resubscribed a day or two later.) However, if you seem to be on the wrong list(s), you can ask us to put you on the right one(s).

The other set of lists we maintain is for information related to engineering job opportunities. These have names that begin with “coe” or a departmental abbreviation, and end with “-jobs”. At the beginning of each semester, we will send an invitation to every Engineering student who is not already on these lists to join both the coe-jobs and the relevant department-jobs list; students who do not wish to join the list may simply ignore the invitation.

Students who have lost or did not receive an invitation to the -jobs lists may submit a subscription request to the -jobs lists at the list manager web site.

Students who are on one or more of the -jobs lists but wish to unsubscribe may do so at the list manager site; each month, every list member receives a membership reminder which includes their list password and instructions for changing list options or unsubscribing.