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Microsoft Azure Dev Program

The College of Engineering licenses Microsoft’s Azure Dev Tools for students currently enrolled in the College of Engineering.

Only software listed on Microsoft’s Azure Dev FAQ site is available through this program, and it is intended for instructional and non-commercial research use ONLY. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) is not covered under this license (see UK’s download site for information on Microsoft Office for UK students).

You can use AzureDev software in your academic classes, and on projects related directly to your classes or research. You cannot use any software obtained through this program with the intention of making money off the end product (i.e. you can’t sell the programs you have written using this software). Only Engineering and Computer Science students, or non-Engineering/non-CS students currently enrolled in an Engineering or Computer Science course that is using this software are eligible. Software usage guidelines are available on Microsoft’s Imagine site.


How this works

Microsoft's software subscription service previously known over the years as MSDNAA, DreamSpark, and Imagine is now known as Azure Dev Tools for Teaching.  Engineering and CS students may access downloads by going to the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching site,  and logging in using your LinkBlue IDs (LinkBlueID@uky.edu) and password.


Special note about logging in

When you log in, make certain you click on the BLUE "Sign In" button.  The "Sign In" link in the menu in the upper right-hand corner takes you do a different page.  Once you log in, click on the "Software" link in the center column.

If you have questions, please contact msdnaa@engr.uky.edu.


Computer Science Students

In previous years, Computer Science students used a different download site than other Engineering students.  After Microsoft moved to the AzureDev program and tied logins to UK's LinkBlue accounts, all Engineering and CS students now use the same download site (Engineering / CS AzureDev site).  Computer Science has also created a set of help documents for navigating the AzureDev site and downloading software. For more information, Computer Science students can contact msdnaa@cs.uky.edu.  Other Engineering students should contact msdnaa@engr.uky.edu.


Special note to Faculty and Graduate students

The single download you obtain through this program is intended for use on your personal system, so you should not install any of this software on your lab or office computers. If you need to use this software in your lab or office, please send a request to help@engr.uky.edu and we will install the software using the College’s licenses. Please remember this software is for instructional and non-commercial research use ONLY.