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Researching Ways to Recycle Solar Panels and Lithium-Ion Batteries

Knowing that battery storage is significant to the future of renewable energy, the University of Kentucky, Louisville Gas and Electric Company and Kentucky Utilities Company (LG&E and KU) have partnered to develop methods for recovering valuable materials from solar panels and lithium-ion batteries, thus reducing future costs and further improving the environment.

UK College of Engineering Announces New Aerospace Engineering Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs

The new undergraduate aerospace program will be the first of its kind in Kentucky.

Isaac Oluk wins Dr. Rengao Song Water Research Scholarship

Isaac Oluk, a graduate student in the Department of Civil Engineering, was awarded the Dr. Rengao Song Water Research Scholarship at the KY/TN Water Professionals Conference.

Update on Developing a Mask that Captures and Deactivates COVID-19

A team of University of Kentucky researchers led by College of Engineering Professor Dibakar Bhattacharyya, Ph.D., and his Ph.D. student, Rollie Mills, have developed a medical face mask membrane that can capture and deactivate the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein on contact.

Sarah Wilson Receives Raymond W. Fahien Award

This award is given in honor of Ray Fahien, who was editor of Chemical Engineering Education from 1967-1995 and who was effectively the founding father of the journal. The award is given annually to an educator who has shown evidence of vision and contribution to chemical engineering education.

Jack Cheng’s $1 Million Gift Will Lift Up Future Generations

Materials science alum Jack Cheng has given $1,000,000 to the UK College of Engineering to support state-of-the-art teaching and research spaces. Cheng is the founder, president and CEO of AA Metals, Inc.

Taking the Long Road: An Interview With Fusion Cyber’s Christopher Etesse

We visited with Christopher Etesse to learn more about Fusion Cyber, his background, his achievements and the danger of leaving so many cyber positions unfilled.

BCTC Prepares High School Students for Careers in Engineering Technology

Bluegrass Community and Technical College (BCTC) introduced sixteen high school students to careers in Engineering Technology through a four-day, program at the Georgetown-Scott County Campus with hands-on activities and discussions with industry-leading companies.

Wildcat Network Connects UK Alumni, Students, Friends in Online Community

Wildcat Network, a new networking platform, has launched and you’re invited to join.

Stephen Ware’s NSF-funded Research Trains Police in De-escalation

For police officers, de-escalation training is critical — greatly reducing the use of force and the likelihood that anyone will be hurt during a confrontation. But preparing for a peaceful end can be challenging when officers can find themselves in a variety of scenarios. That’s where Assistant Professor Stephen Ware comes in.