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Financial Aid and Scholarships

At UK Paducah, our students are able to stack scholarships from UK-Paducah & West Kentucky Community and Technical College. We want to give you the extra financial edge you need to succeed! Be sure to discuss financial aid opportunities with our staff when you contact us or come in for a visit.



The University of Kentucky Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships is excited to announce the launch of ScholarshipUniverse!

ScholarshipUniverse (SU) is an online scholarship platform that matches students to relevant, vetted external scholarship opportunities, as well as internal scholarships offered by the university. Each external scholarship opportunity a student sees on SU has gone through an extensive vetting process to ensure the scholarship is offered through a reliable and authentic source.

SU is now open for currently enrolled UK students and admitted prospective students who have a linkblue account. Students can login to complete the student profile and search and apply for external and internal scholarship opportunities. The external scholarship opportunities are available through sources outside of the University of Kentucky.

Within ScholarshipUniverse, search for "Paducah" to find our scholarship application. We make it easy by providing a single application for Incoming Students and an application for Current Students. We match you for all eligible awards. Here are the links to each online scholarship application:

The Scholarship Deadline for UK-Paducah and WKCTC is March 1.